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7 Questions That Get Your Children Talking

The drive home from school, around town, or the time sitting around the dinner table can be precious moments in life. Although it's hard these days to have time without distractions where we can have meaningful conversations with our children, or anyone really, we like the idea a lot of getting past the "How was your day?" type questions and instead think more intentionally about how we engage in learning about each other. 

Laura Sandefer, co-founder of Acton Academy in Austin, TX, come up with a list of great questions we can ask instead:

  • On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being “worst day ever” and 10 being “most awesome day!”) how would you rate today at school?  What would have made it better? What would you have changed if you could?
  • When did you have the most energy today? During a group time or during individual work time?
  •  What was your high today? What was your low?
  •  Are you more comfortable asking another Eagle for help or a Guide for help when you need it?
  •  Did you serve as a Guide to someone else today?
  • What core skills work did you do today? Do you feel you did your best work?
  • Play the “Two truths and a Lie” game: Each person shares three things that they did today. Two statements are true and one is a lie. The others have to guess which is a lie.
These can easily be adjusted to your specific circumstance and vernacular as these are obviously designed to be asked to an Acton Eagle (student) and about their day in one of our studios. 

Each question can be followed up with: "Tell me more!" or "Why do you think that?" Have fun and feel free to share your favorites for getting your Eagles (children) to talk about their day.