Acton Academy St. George is looking for promising leaders to co-create a school of the 21st century.

The Opportunity

Do you want to change the world? Only three times in human history has the opportunity for learning changed as dramatically as it has in our decade: the invention of written language, the invention of the printing press, and the invention of the internet. What’s possible in a K-12 school has changed just as fundamentally.

Acton Academy St. George is part of the Acton Academy network, a new school model praised by the Gates Foundation’s former Executive Director of Education as “one of the most important education developments in the world.”

If you’re interested in education and innovation, this is your chance. Being a guide at Acton Academy St. George is more like being a leader of a small, fast-paced startup. We believe that every young person who enters our doors will find a calling that can change the world. More broadly, we intend for Acton Academy St. George to be a catalyst as Utah becomes a leader in K-12 education. This journey needs innovators and leaders – perhaps you.

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Who We Hire

Those most successful at Acton Academy St. George are not just looking for a job; they’re looking for a calling, on their own journey to leave the world a better place than they found it. After several years, Guides here will go on to start their own schools, start their own companies, or join a top tech firm or graduate program.

Top candidates often come from diverse backgrounds in:

  • Design (graphic, experience, product, design thinking, etc.)
  • Innovative education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Building (“maker-space”, architecture, craftsmen and hobbyists, etc.)
  • Outdoor adventure (climbing, canyoneering, etc.)
  • Consulting, finance
  • Writing, blogging, publishing
  • Photography, painting
  • Engineering, hard sciences
  • Music
  • etc.

These backgrounds enrich the environment and are frequent sources of inspiration for projects.

Perhaps you’ll choose a career at the frontier of education and social entrepreneurship. Perhaps you’ll land at a large tech firm, or a top graduate program. We’re on your team to get you there.


We hire people who:

  • Can build strong relationships with children ages 3-18 (depending on the studio)
  • Love to learn, and have a vision for how that can be different, and better
  • Have a track record of excellent work and commitment in the discipline(s) they’ve committed to, wherever that is
  • Feel called to a job that truly makes an impact, goal oriented, and passionate about personal growth
  • Embrace technology and the nearly infinite opportunity it offers for learning and growth
  • Embrace the innovation cycle, including iterating, failing, improving, and trying again

These backgrounds enrich the environment and are frequent sources of inspiration for projects.


Full-time positions include:

  • Elementary Guide (Starting Late Summer 2021)
  • Middle School Guide (Starting Late Summer 2021)

Part-time positions include:

  • Apprentice Elementary Guide (Fall 2021)

Acton Academy St. George Guide’s role is to design, plan, and execute the core learning experiences in a collaborative, multi-age Studio.

Guides are expected to work five days a week, spending time in the Studio as well as planning, designing new ideas and materials, documenting, communicating with parents, and performing administrative tasks.

Apprentice Guides work for certain portions of the day or week, or chair specific programs like art, music, Quest, or PE. The Apprentice Guide is an ideal role for a top university student looking for a meaningful part-time job that pays well.

Compensation for all positions is competitive.

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