Our mission is to inspire each child and parent who enters our doors to discover their unique gifts and change the world in a profound way

Our Studios


Our "Spark" Studio. An education for ages 3-6.


Our "Discovery" Studio. An education for ages 7-11.


Whole Child Develpment for children ages 3-6

We provide an environment that fosters academic, physical, and emotional independence through developmentally appropriate works inspired by Maria Montessori. The “Spark” studio is designed to spark curiosity through hands-on experiences and play-based challenges, and ultimately to equip young learners for the next steps of their journey by embracing the Hero’s Journey philosophy.

  • Grow curiosity through hands-on projects and outdoor adventure "Spark" play
  • Explore mindfulness, natural interests, and have fun
  • Build the foundations of independent learning, reading, writing, communication, and math


An education for children ages 7-11.

Our Elementary Studio is designed to create flexible spaces for work, learning, and play. It is a tight-knit community of mixed-age learners who support each other and collaborate daily. This environment fosters a culture of respect and much of the character development that occurs here.

  • Have fun and be kind
  • Set and track goals; Ask great questions
  • A solid foundation of Math, Reading, Writing, and Civilization
  • Explore and be curious and develop a love of learning through hands-on project-based learning

We replaced external motivators like high-stakes test scores and grades with an intrinsic growth mindset, so our learners are motivated to work hard and have fun. Respect is the foundation for every other skill we learn at Acton Academy St. George. We respect our time, our fellow learners, our space, and our materials. The learners work together to create rules for their studio. Some areas might be off-limits for play, while others are more flexible. Ultimately, the learners come together to agree to those ground rules and promises—all based on a key promise to not distract themselves or each other during times of work.

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A day at Acton Academy St. George

A day in our studios is marked by creativity within constraints: large blocks of time for work and play with clear but broad guardrails, equipping young people to manage their time, set goals, and track progress.

As learners demonstrate their readiness, they earn more freedom and responsibility. In the Montessori "Spark" studio, mornings are spent in a traditional Montessori work cycle with afternoons spent outside engaged in intentional "Spark" play. In our Elementary "Discovery" studio, mornings are reserved for Core Skills and afternoons are for hands-on projects with integrated time to reflect, think deeply, and connect with peers.

Within each work block, students choose from a broad range of work options based on their personal goals, passions, and commitments.

Each day starts and ends with a discussion to "launch" the day and reflect on the day, respectively.

A Learner-Driven Community

Our Learner Driven Communities are run mostly by our Eagles, where closely connected families of lifelong learners are bound by clear covenants; and “Learning to Do” and “Learning to Be” is even more important than “Learning to Know.”

  • Students create and sign a Contract of Promises describing how each individual will act and the consequences for violating community norms.
  • Mentor teams encourage younger and older students to listen, affirm, set goals, and hold each other accountable.
  • "Learn to Be" badges that celebrate the character and completing leadership challenges.